Do you like drinking coffee, but do not like the effect of caffeine? Here it is. This decaf is simply exceptional. You can even play tricks for those who claim to dislike decaf. In V60 or espresso, this coffee is one of the best Colombian coffees you will have in the coming months. With these notes of plums, cocoa and vanilla, you can drink it all day long.

Decaf - Sunset Sipper

  • - Type: Single Origin

    - Notes : Cacao, plum, vanilla

    - Country: Colombia

    - Region: Inzá

    - Farm: Multiple producers

    - Process: Washed - Ethyl Acetatte (Sugar Can process)

    - Varietal: Caturra & Castillo

    - Altitude: 1700-2000m

    - Cupping score : 86

Café de spécialité. Emballé et livré écologiquement.

Préparé à la main sur une île près de vous.

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